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So I don’t have much to show for the weekend, aside from a delicious kumera sandwich (sweet potato, spinach, avocado, tomato pesto, cheese = all my favourite things) from Beviamo and a box full of paper cranes (we’re estimating about 500 in there; half done, half to go!). Other than that, we had ramen at Nantsuttei again (it was better the first time), more Tom’s Palette ice cream (buttered pecan is the bee’s knee’s), a failed attempt at getting fish & chips (it was a 45 minute wait!!) and I baked a pretty atrocious cake, fit for pretty much only the garbage (yup, great way to cap off the weekend eh?). I also have a massive headache that started Sunday afternoon and has pretty much lasted all the way through to this very minute… ugh. I am totally wishing I had some Origins peace of mind or some trusty china gel  right about now.