I am spending the day listening to Joe Purdy, because it is that kind of day again (yes, again) and I need something to immerse myself in. And I am thankful for this, along with a phone call to the boy in the morning that’s fast becoming a necessary morning routine for regaining some composure on my part. It starts with some whinging, sometimes tears are involved, and ends with us laughing about cute babies, bunnies and motorcycles. Have I told you how I love him so much more than words can say? Because I do, I do, I really do.

This weekend, I am meeting my lovelies for some lunch, hoping to finish off all my packing, planning the pre-wedding schedule in Canada and trying not to be overwhelmed by everything (that last one is really harder said than done, isn’t it?)

Have a lovely weekends!

p/s Did I mention that we’re going to see Joe Purdy at the Horsehoe on June 26? Can’t wait!