So, I am kind of in love with Saphiya and David‘s wedding – the colours (that dress!), the intimate setting, the cultural fusion, the amazing photography, her sweet little descriptions, and how despite the day being more rainy and gray than they anticipated, they still went ahead and had a blast. What a beautiful day!

So friends, this wedding had me thinking about the cultural question: Steve and I have been juggling the issue of amalgamating cultural elements and traditions in our wedding for a while now. We’ve encountered some pretty hilarious, and some times frustrating, situations (e.g. his parent’s reaction when told about the Chinese dowry tradition, my mother’s reaction when hearing that the bride’s side pays for the wedding, Steve’s reaction when told by my mother that we had to have an auspicious baby bathtub by our wedding bedside – yes, you read that right – and so on so forth). It’s quite a feat really, trying to fuse our cultures and ensuring that everyone’s comfortable. Thankfully, we are more or less settled on the proceedings (we are doing a traditional Chinese gatecrashing and tea ceremony in the morning and the ceremony + reception later in the day), now we just have to let people know what to expect (like yes, there will be kneeling. yes, you must do what the bridesmaids ask at gatecrashing etc).

I must say that as the process went along, we have slowly learnt that we need to pick our battles, but also that we need to stand up for ourselves and our vision of our wedding day. We are still keenly anticipating the meeting of our families (for the first time a few days before the wedding) – we’re kind of hoping they really like each other! And also kind of certain that they will, considering that both our families are pretty awesome anyway. But most importantly, I think we’re learning to be thankful for these little cultural elements – they bring just that extra little bit of flair and charm, and they remind me of how different our backgrounds are and how lucky we are to have found each other. And really, no matter how things go on the day itself or how many things don’t go as planned, I know that as long as we choose to laugh about it and enjoy it, it’ll be perfect.

{All photography by Geneoh Photography, via Ruffled}