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I’m finally back on the lil’ island – it’s been a while, hasn’t it?

The past month went by like a whirlwind – the wedding, our families, our friends, the cottage, the trips. It was exhilarating, spectacular, magical and fantastic all in the same breath – some of the best days of my life happened right there, I am sure of it. And now, in the slow of the everyday, I take myself back to that foggy Thursday morning at the cottage – sitting at the edge of the dock, at the crack of dawn,Ā dipping my toes in the chilly waters of three mile lake, the fluttering of anticipation in my chest, the calm sweeping over me – and the memory of it all makes my heart sing.

I’m going to try to slowly catch you guys up on everything in the coming days… stay tuned!

[update] So I am thinking I will do small updates on some of our little DIY elements for the wedding, then snippets of our time at the cottage (pre- and post-wedding), followed by the rest of our trip around Ontario. Then, our own little snippets of the wedding and then, the rest of the day’s photos when our (amazing!) photographers are ready with their shots! Yay! [/update]