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These straws were the perfect little whimsical addition to the wedding. I’ve always loved stripey paper straws and knew that I wanted to have them at our wedding. The straws were purchased from IsaKay Boutique, a cute little etsy store stocked with all sorts of cute little trinkets. My awesome girlfriends, Y. & A., helped me craft the straw flags on our DIY afternoon! And then, our awesome family helped to assemble the flags & straws at the cottage.

The flags are super easy to make, just cut out rectangular strips of coloured paper long enough to wrap around the straw (we used card stock since it was thicker and would help the flags keep their shape in travel), then glue or tape the ends together (try to tape the whole length, from flag end to straw end). After that, cut the ends of the paper to make the flag shape! You can also glue the flags to the straws directly, we didn’t because we needed to transport the the straws and flags before assembling at the cottage.  Next, we made some heart shaped cut outs using a punch (those things totally hurt my fingers!) and glued them onto the flags. Then, I wrote little awesome phrases on the tags, like ‘yay!’ and ‘yippee!’ and ‘awesome sauce!’ and ‘cool beans!’ and more (we even had ones that said ‘double rainbow!’). Another idea is to write guest names on the flags and use them in cups or mason jars for your seating arrangements.

A last little tip if you’re considering using straws at your wedding, make sure the beverages you have and the glasses/containers you’re serving them in are conducive for straw-sipping AND keep the straws near to the beverages! We made the mistake of placing the straws at a table away from the tent/bar and not many people got to use them! Also, we mostly served our non-alcoholic beverages in shorter glasses, which made it kind of weird to sip with a straw. But well, at least they looked good, right? And better yet, now we have leftover straws and flags that can be used for future soirees!

{Photo credit: 1, 2 (in collage), 3: Visual Roots Photography| 4: Jen Tracy}