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From the very beginning, Steve and I knew we wanted to create a website and use electronic invitations for the wedding. As much as I love love love beautiful printed invitations, we knew that doing it this way would be the most cost-efficient but also, lessen the carbon footprint of our wedding (and considering the amount of paper going into those origami cranes, we really had to cut back somewhere else!). We struggled a while with the look of the website… we just couldn’t seem to find a theme that would fit. So we put that aside for a little, while I worked on the design of the invitation.

I drew up the logo for our wedding, inspired by the origami cranes that I was folding at the time, and incorporated our names into the design. Then, I used a variety of free fonts (found on dafont & fontgarden) and pieced together the wording on our invitation. We were both really happy with it, but still stumped on how to work it into the website theme we currently had.

But of course, the boy whipped up some tech magic and a week later, he showed me a link to what is our wedding website now. It was perfect, really clean and simple, pretty much everything that I had asked for in the first place. Damn, how I love that boy and his miracle-working ways. And everything was pretty simple to handle there on out, write up the content, put in some engagement photos and send out to family and loved ones (we used mailchimp, which is awesome!). Perfect!