Right now, my favourite things to eat in the day are a big breakfast in the morning (dairy free, usually-with-spinach smoothies + toast or cereal) and a hearty salad for lunch (greens+veg for fiber, sweet potatoes, grains like couscous or quinoa, tofu or beans for protein, avocados). But last night for dinner, I had spelt pasta with avocado & arugula cream, with broccoli and corn, and boy, was it delicious!

Since I’ve starting slowly eliminating dairy out of my diet (so far, I haven’t had milk, cheese or ice cream for a few weeks… I am still refusing to not eat butter), I think my body is starting to thank me for not filling it with all that lactose it can’t quite process (although I can’t explain cheese really, since most hard cheeses are really low in lactose). But I also really. miss. cheese. REALLY. Thankfully, avocado cream is helping… Now, to figure out the grilled cheese dilemma.

p/s Like how Yoghurt is reluctantly in my photo there… she doesn’t like to sit near to food when she’s eyeing it… makes her look too suspicious I think. hee.