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Remember these pompoms I was desperately making? Well, here’s where they ended up! I made around 240 of these mini fabric pompoms and lovely Miss Y. helped me string them into garlands and pack them into a box for travel on our DIY afternoon.

After the tent was set up and the lights were strung, we worked on getting these garlands hung up. Unfortunately for us, they didn’t end up traveling so well, and boy, did they ever get tangled! Quite seriously, they were a nightmare to untangle… you would never guess that something so pretty could cause so much frustration (huge, huge thanks to our family who helped us with this untangling effort, what would we have done without you!).

Once untangled, our aunt, J., helped me hang the garlands up. They definitely added a fun, colourful element to the tent (and kind of distracted from those slightly ugly steel poles… ugh) and ended up looking really good at night with the string lights. Yay!

{Photo credit: 1, 2, 3: Guests at our wedding| 4: The brother| 5: Visual Roots Photography}