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{Update! We’re starting a little guest post section by the boy… so every now and then, he might post a little something here. Right now, we don’t have a name for it.. but we’d love some suggestions!}

So Sher and I had decided early on that we wanted a rustic wooden sign as part of our décor. We had come across quite a few of these while looking through some wedding blogs, and thought it would a great addition to our whimsical outdoor theme.

So we set out to Home Depot to buy some pine, since its relatively cheap and fairly durable. But to be honest, it would have been nice to use reclaimed wood. Sher and I were trying to be as eco friendly as possible so it’s unfortunate that it didn’t occur to me at the time :( Anyhoo, if you are considering a DIY like this, a quick google search should point you to a number of reclaimed wood retailers. If you’re in Toronto, check out Urban Tree Salvage for all your enviro-friendly wood crafting needs.

We purchased a 1x4x10 piece of pine that was cut into six individual 1.6 foot pieces at the store. We also purchased a 1x1x8 piece that we had “planned” to use as the sign post (emphasis on the word “planned”…more on that in a moment). To cut the rectangle pieces into arrows we marked up the wood and used a table saw, which my dad just so happened to have lying around :) If you don’t have a table saw, you could always ask the employees at the hardware store to cut the wood for you or buy pre-cut stakes at the store.

Next, we painted the signs white using an acrylic semi gloss enamel. We had planned for 2 coats, but decided that we liked the effect after one coat – the paint was faint enough that we could still see the grain, which made it look a little more aged. We used a grey acrylic for the letters on each sign. As an alternative, you could write the letters on with a wood burner. You can pick one of these up at your local arts & crafts store and the end product will look pretty darn awesome.. though you may want to practice on some other pieces first ;)

When it came to figuring out what to write on the signs, we wanted to strike a balance between playful and practical. We wrote “I Do’s” for the ceremony (which I thought was pretty cute) and “Merriment” for the reception. We also decided that since Sher’s family is from Singapore and mine from Ireland, it would be nice to have a sign for each country with the distance. We also added a little Irish flair by including the greeting Cead Mile Failte, which is gaelic for “One hundred thousand welcomes”. A big thank you to A. for painting on the words, since my hand writing is, well, not so pretty.

Now, when it came time to assemble the sign, the plan was to use the 1×1 post we had purchased earlier. However, we kinda overlooked the fact that the 8ft post needed to go at least 2ft into the ground to support the weight of the arrows, hence making it a 6ft sign. This was a little short for our liking, but we quickly realised that we could just nail the signs to one of the surrounding trees, which in the end, I think turned out much nicer. Hooray!

So there you have it, Steve and Sheralyn’s awesome wood crafted wedding sign. This was actually a lot of fun to make, and I think it added a very subtle but personal touch to the space. So if you’re thinking about whipping one of these up for your upcoming nuptials, don’t think twice!

{Photo Credit: 1, 2: Visual Roots Photography| 3, 4: Friends & family}