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Remember these cranes that A and I were folding? Well, after months of folding, they finally made safe journey all the way from Singapore to Toronto – that’s right, all 1000+ cranes. I unpacked them a week before the wedding and set out to string them into 10ft garlands, with the help of some bead stoppers and fishing wire. Boy, was this a tedious task (threading the needle, knotting, stringing… repeat 20x per strand) – my mother was still stringing cranes the day before the wedding! At some point or other, most our family had a hand in helping with these garlands… even the boy himself got in on the action one night while we were watching random movies on Netflix.

The afternoon before the wedding, whilst I was busy hanging the pompom garlands, our lovely friends (and A, who brought even more cranes from Singapore!) took on the massive job of hanging the crane garlands. They stapled the first crane of each garland onto a 2×4 (which was originally installed between two trees to hold swings, we took the swings down prior) and worked out an ingenious solution to keep the strands from blowing out and tangling in the breeze – they tied a line of fishing wire across the bottom of the trees and then, tied the each crane garland to the string. I could see them working from the corner of my eye and was super touched and impressed by how awesome they were making it all look! We are so blessed to have such amazing and helpful friends and family, we most definitely couldn’t have done it without them.

Stay tuned for the final product!