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Hey folks, the last little wedding DIY is this little thumbprint “guestbook” we did. In addition to the photos from the photobooth, we wanted to have a little something that our guests could sign that we could eventually display in our home. I loved this, and wanted to try for the same kind of effect, because even though it was so beautiful and professional, it was a little out of our DIY budget.

I bought canvas from our local arts store, Curry’s. Then, to keep in line with our crane theme, I taped on two mini origami cranes that I had folded – and drew some makeshift lines as balloon lines. Then we got several of our friends to start the thumbprints off the night before so the rest of our guests could get the gist of what to do at the wedding. I provided a bunch of inkpads, including one that had multiple colours in it (that’s how we ended up with multicoloured thumbprints!) and a box of wet wipes for easy cleaning (essential!). And then my brother filled out the DIY chalkboard asking guests to ‘leave their thumbprints!’.

The funniest thing about our little thumbprint project was that we had intended for the thumbprints to look like balloons, but after a while, our guests started drawing lines up that resembled branches! So we have kind of a balloon, tree hybrid… which we must admit that we kind of LOVE! I wish I could show you the final product… but I promise I’ll post a picture when I manage to get a shot of it.

{Photo credit: 1, 2, 4: Visual Roots Photography| 3: Friends & Family}