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When Steve and I first thought about having a wedding in cottage country, we loved the idea of being able to have our families together in the same place for a week, just relaxing and getting to know each other. It was a struggle at first to find a place that would house all our family members for the week AND would be suitable for wedding. So when we found THE cottage for us, we were beyond overjoyed (and huge bonus: the owner, Evelyn, is amazing to work with and so lovely!) – it was really everything we wanted, right on the water and beautiful!

So here are a few pre-wedding cottage snippets. Even though the two days leading up to the wedding were pretty packed with stuff to do (wedding decorations, baking, food etc), we were able to take some time out on Thursday to enjoy the cottage and the lake – misty mornings, swing rides, canoeing, fishing off the dock, bocce ball on the lawn. My favorite part? Huge family mealtimes – it was amazing to see both our families in the same room, enjoying conversation and home cooked food – somehow, on the second day of meeting each other, they were talking like they’d already known each other for a long time. Amazing, isn’t it? I miss it all already.