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Lovelies, how were your weekends?

I’m still acclimatizing to taking photos for the weekends – the house is still under renovations, so there’s barely anywhere to sit except holed up in my room. This weekend, we tried out Roadhouse for brunch – it wasn’t too bad, though some items on the menu are definitely more worth the money than others (I’m looking at you, two eggs + one sausage!). I also procured an old embroidered ‘painting’ from my mum and to top it all off, the zumster is crushing on a new style of getting around – the duck walk (there she is, attempting it for the gazillionth time in the supermarket, even though her legs are tired and she can’t quite balance anymore – that’s how much she loves it). We have also started planning out an epic Christmas bonanza  – that’s right, we like to get the ball rolling early around here.

And I just keep thinking: The more brunch places we go to in Singapore, the more I think we should just start up a easy, cosy, non-pretentious, not-crazily-exorbitant, everything-is-homemade-and-made-from-scratch kind of brunch place in Singapore – doesn’t that sound good?

Vacation snippets coming up!