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After leaving the cottage, we drove to Collingwood to stay for few nights (we stayed at Blue Mountain). Bright and early the next morning, the brother, H, Steve and I started our drive to the Bruce Peninsula. We decided so visit a couple of waterfalls along the way, so we stopped off at Weavers Creek Falls, then at Jones Falls. Jones Falls is definitely worth a visit (but it’s so easy to miss off the highway, so keep your eyes peeled!) – the waterfall is pretty big – and we hiked all the way down to the bottom (apparently, this is harder to do when the water level is high) to eat our packed lunches! Then, we got back in the car and drove all the way up to the Bruce Peninsula. Once there, we walked out towards Indian Head Cove and climbed down into The Grotto (right through that tiny hole Steve is in!) and of course, we had to get into the freezing cold water (seriously, I am not exaggerating – it was frigid). We all took turns doing a little jump into the water off a ridge. Then, as the brother and H tried to get warm in the sun, Steve and I swam out into the water to get to a little cave, the water outside was definitely warmer but still took a little getting used to. By the time we drove all the way back to the Collingwood, we had just enough energy to eat (my mum, brother and A. cooked!) before we crashed into bed. And of course, it goes without me saying, it is beautiful out there… and I would go back in a heartbeat.