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This weekend, we found the Malay food stall that we lost for a while after it moved from Binjai, turns out it only relocated down the road. Saturday afternoon, I went a little label crazy (thanks Y & P!), then A. started too and there were labels all over my room (and all over the zumster). Also, I started making Thank You cards, but I’m not sure if they’re quite right yet. We went for some ramen at Marutama at Liang Court, but I think I prefer Nantsuttei more – and then went shopping at Meidi-Ya (zooland animal biscuits!) and Audiohouse. Then, Tom’s Palette for ice cream – this time, we tried Pink Guava, Kampong Kuah and Banana+honey roasted nuts.

Sunday, we braved Ikea (and man, was it crowded). And I finally managed to get some of my stuff out of boxes and into the cupboards, my clothes are still in my suitcase though. Baby steps! And for dinner, mum cooked a pot of curry – delicious!.