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On their last day in Toronto, Steve and I took my family for some brunch. We had originally intended to take them to Mildred’s, but forgot that brunch is typically only served on weekends. A quick google search pointed us to Aunties and Uncles. And boy, was it a good choice. The place is cosy and full of home-style charm and the food is simple, unfussy and delicious. We all ordered different things and shared, so everyone got a little of everything – we tried the breakfast taco, the omelette of the day, the special of the day (cubano sandwich: pulled pork, avocado) and the oatmeal banana pancakes. Yum!

Then, we took a walk around Kensington Market. We visited Good Egg (books + other cute things), Courage My Love (vintage clothing, accessories), Wanda’s Pie in The Sky (because you can never have too much pie – the banana cream pie was delish!) and a couple other little stores. Then, down to the Eaton Centre so the family could do some last minute shopping before heading home the next morning.