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In my last few days in Toronto, Steve would sometimes take a longer lunch from work and we’d meet somewhere for a little lunch date. One of our favourite places was Marben –  everything from the mason jar chandelier, to the patio, to wood wave ceiling, to the seasonal local menu (each dish is named after a supplier or staff member). I had the beet and endive salad (you know I am obsessed with beets) and Steve had a special fish (sea bass, I think? that was just delivered that day) that wasn’t on the lunch menu, with spinach and a broth – both were delicious! We were pretty satisfied after that and though the ice cream sandwich looked so tempting, we thought it was best not to stuff ourselves (going back to work on a really full stomach isn’t really that great an idea, is it?). Next time!

Anyway, I kind of miss our little lunch dates – they were always kind of a pick-me-up on an uneventful day. But you know what? The boy gets here in T-11 days!! I can’t wait :)