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How were your weekends?

I woke up unusually early on Saturday morning to the sound of rain and Yoghurt dreaming. Made some “presidential elections” blueberry pancakes (resulting in most frustrating attempt at making pancakes EVER) – first rubbery pancakes, then too-much-baking-powder pancakes (come to think of it, this was probably forewarning of the disappointing elections results). The rest of the day was pretty lazy, reading my book, taking a nap… that kind of day, you know? Then, we went for some Daikokuya ramen at Paragon… totally satisfied my salt craving.

Sunday we went to one of our usual spots for breakfast. Then, to the grocery store to shop for the week and pick up ingredients for… smores cupcakes! These were made with a simple graham cracker bottom, a chocolate cake batter (not too sweet and a little fudgy like a brownie) and some marshmallows to top. I had intended to make marshmallow frosting but really, had no idea what to do with all the leftover egg yolks I would have. Plus, no one in my household really eats frosting, we kind of just scrape most of it off, so I thought the simpler route of just a tiny roasted marshmallow would be better (though definitely not prettier).

I’m totally looking forward to the public holiday tomorrow! Also, the boy is arriving in 8 days, with chinagel and a dvd full of our wedding photos! Can’t wait!