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Happy Thursday, lovelies! We are driving to Kuala Lumpur tomorrow so I am leaving you early for the weekend. Hoping to buy some shoes, eat lots of good food and take some long baths.

So, leaving you with a little Lisa Hannigan to brighten your weekends. I first heard her back during her Damien Rice days (unfortunately, that didn’t end so well – what a jerk!) and then when she opened for Jason Mraz (here) in the Fall of 08. There is just something so magical about the soft, breathy, lilting quality of her voice… and somehow, watching these videos make me love her music more – that Ocean and a Rock video is one of my favourites, ever – sometimes, songs just transform into something more when you see it being played/performed.

I spoon you into my coffee cup, spin you through a delicate wash, I wear you all day…

Have a great weekend!