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So, I saw these doughnuts on Joy the Baker and knew, just knew, that they had to be made. I mean, I’m not typically a fan of doughnuts but my guiltiest doughnut pleasure is a Timmie’s sour cream glazed – cakey, dense and amazing. These little babies are cake doughnuts too, they are denser than those of the yeast type variety and… they are, quite obviously, smothered in chocolate glaze.

They should have been fairly easy to make… in theory. But of course, Singaporean weather (darn humidity) makes everything that needs to be rolled & then cut more difficult than it needs to be. The dough was just so sticky. I think this resulted in my doughnuts being drier and denser than they should have been… I had to use so much flour in order to make the dough workable. The frying, on the other hand, was easy and much less messy than I thought it would be. In fact, Steve fried while I rolled… and boy, was he a pro by the end.

So there you go, cake doughnuts with a chocolate glaze. I think I want to try these ones next, see if I can recreate sour cream magic.