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Dustbowl is a brilliant and amazingly poignant series by Ashley Lebedev. In her words:

The term “dustbowl” refers to an area in the United States stretching across the great plains (think Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas and the surrounding plains states) that were known for their incredibly violent and massive duststorms and everlasting droughts, during a period of time (approx. 1930-1936) in which those massive storms interwove themselves against another heartwrenching occurrence: The Great Depression….

[The Great Depression] remains one of the most heartbreaking and trying periods of American History, to date. [It] *is* a time of great struggle and sadness, but it’s also a time of great strength (of human spirit) and great perseverance, showing what can be done (hard workers, migrants, nomads, homeless, illness, poverty, no money, no home, even. BUT, never giving up.)

The images are so raw and haunting. Beautiful, isn’t it?

{Photography by Ashley Lebedev, see her flickr photostream here; via My Modern Met}