A few more pieces of bedroom inspiration I found whilst browsing House & Home today. We still have a little list of stuff to do for the room:

  1. Clean & tidy the room up.
  2. Buy new bedding (inviting, plush bedding just seems to make a bedroom, doesn’t it?).
  3. Think of some clever ways for storage (love that wicker basket at the foot of the bed).
  4. Considering a small little floor corner for book reading, guitar playing and chilling… perhaps with pillows and a soft rug (that little bay window seating area? Divine).
  5. Installing lighter, airier curtains that let the light in (although this comes along with less privacy… we are still thinking about this tradeoff).
  6. Finding little trinkets for some pop and pizzazz.

So really, it’s still very much a (happy) work in progress :)

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