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The morning of our wedding day, I woke up to the sound of the zumster gesturing for me to read her a Dora the Explorer book. So we read a little about Dora and her clocks in our pajamas. Then, I had some toast and the bridesmaids got on my hair and makeup like pros (they are amazing!).

In Chinese gatecrashing tradition, the groom goes to the bride’s house early in the morning on the wedding day to “win” the bride (oh yes, you read that right). He, along with his groomsmen, does so by completing a series of tasks set out by the bridesmaids to prove his love for the bride. The first set of tasks my bridesmaids laid out for the guys was sort of a typical eating task. The guys had to eat four things: one sour (the bridesmaids cut up lemon wedges), one sweet (some raisin, toffee, chocolate concoction), one bitter (unfiltered coffee shots), one spicy (tostitos with wasabi)… meant to symbolize the many stages that a marriage will go through.

The guys were great! Steve’s groomsmen were totally game and ate pretty much everything without complaining or cheating… though A. says they were given the easy, Canadian-lite version of the eating task. After the task was complete, the ladies opened the door and came outside to facilitate the second task… more on that tomorrow (trust me, some of those photos are hilarious)!

{Photo Credits: Jen, the brother and maybe one or two uploaded to our archive by family & friends who were present}