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So right after passing the first part, the guys were given a series of hilarious tasks designed specifically by my bridesmaids. The first, to honor Steve’s Irish heritage, was to choreograph and perform a one minute Irish dance, and they had to wear some tartan towels given to them. Lucky for them, Steve’s dad was around to give due guidance and instruction. They had to do it twice since my mother said they weren’t coordinated enough the first time round.

The second task, to honor my Chinese heritage, was for the boy had to teach each of his groomsmen a Chinese phrase, which they would then repeat to my mother. My mom was pretty hilarious when “screening” their phrases but I have a feeling she might have went a little easy on them (hee). The third task was for Steve to take a jumping shot of his groomsmen. Now, the boy is kind of notorious for needing quite a few attempts at capturing a jump shot (I’m sure he’s going to protest this)… so it was hilarious seeing how many shots he missed which the other photographers got. He finally did get one though, on his 12th attempt (yay!).

And during all that, I was sitting in a room sneaking a peek through the blinds and totally laughing along with all of them. Following this, the Q&A task... complete with punishments!

{Photo credit: Jen & the brother, J}