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The last part of gatecrashing was the Q&A task. The bridesmaids thought up 10 questions about me or our relationship and Steve had to answer them correctly. If he got a question wrong, there was a punishment. Out of all of them, the boy got 2 wrong; he didn’t know what my favourite cookie was (oatmeal raisin!) and what sport I used to play in highschool (netball!). So for that, the guys had to do two punishments that had a little something to do with me: 1) hold a vrksasana (tree pose) for a minute without falling and 2) make a human, moving sculpture of an origami crane. It was hilarious!

The last two questions were for him to list 5 things he loves about me and 5 reasons he would make a good husband. ANd tthe best way to sum up what happened is that there were a lot of tears… and the bridesmaids allowed the boy in after just one answer to each question. And there it is, our first look of the day!

{Photo credit: Jen & the brother, J}