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Lovelies, how were your weekends?

I’m still feeling some of the lingering effects of this virus but thankfully, was starting to function pretty much like a normal person this weekend (albeit on a restricted food list). Saturday, we had brunch at House at Barracks, which was a pretty disastrous experience… after one dish was forgotten and the other was sent back & exchanged. For dinner, we met up with the other Tans for some dinner, then dessert at 3 Inch Sin. I’m not sure how exactly I feel about the lava cakes – the fillings were definitely creative (the consensus was that hazelnut was the best), but the outside of the cake was a little too dry. That said, I didn’t eat much so maybe we’ll have to go back for a second opinion. I’ll let you know when that happens :)

Sunday, we celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving with a non-traditional dinner featuring the beer can chicken (still don’t know about about the health ramifications of baking a beer can) – I, of course, didn’t have any but everyone was raving about the succulent, tender meat. The boy and I baked 2 kinds of mini pies for dessert, pumpkin & apple. He made the cream cheese pie dough (best pie dough, ever), I improvised the apple filling and we kind of followed this recipe for fresh pumpkin pie (with a couple tweaks and substitutions).

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, friends!