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Last night, we took the zumster out for some her first halloween trick or treating experience. Now, halloween isn’t really a big thing in Singapore so we used some google prowess and found a little neighbourhood that had a trick or treating party. So the brother, the boy and I dressed the zumster up in her little pumpkin costume (DIYed the weekend before) and drove 20 mins out to get to this little party. Now, on the road, we still didn’t expect much, probably a handful of houses with candy… so imagine our utter surprise when we pulled into the multistorey parking lot and saw a huge backup of cars and trails of people walking on the sidewalks.

It was crowded and crazy and amazing (like all the trick or treaters in the country gathered in one neighbourhood)! We walked around from house to house looking at all the cool costumes and awesome decorations and of course, the zumster charmed her way to handfuls of candy (she wouldn’t let any of it go at first… but eventually, her little hands couldn’t hold anymore so she reluctantly released them into our little treat bag). At the end of the night, she was getting tired.. but was still saying “more, more… walkwalk” as she was getting into her car seat. Something tells me we’ll be back again next year :)