It’s the time of year again for making lists! Holiday lists, that is. The boy and I (ok, mostly me… because I am slightly obsessively organized like that) are making a detailed list of ideas for Christmas presents (we’re talking epic excel spreadsheets here. really), stocking stuffers, other Christmas treats and the whole nine yards – trust me when I say that orchestrating buying of gifts, then the sending of packages across the globe takes a certain level of mad skill. Then, there’s the Christmas extravaganza spreadsheet that is slowly being filled up with delicious recipes for dinner, drinks & desserts for our annual holiday meal. I am bursting with ideas for favours, treats, decorations etcetc.

And then, of course, in the midst of this flurry of holiday planning, we are planning a post-wedding reception for friends & family here. And that means, more favours, escort cards and baking… I know, right. Well, let the madness begin. Also, wish us luck, won’t you?

{Photo from Sweet Paul Magazine}