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As part of our favour boxes for the reception, we made some tea favours with several different kinds of organic tea. To make the tags, I cut little circles (yeah, some of them are a little wonky) out of these ombre seating cards (which we didn’t end up using as seating cards at all!). On one side, I wrote ‘drink some tea’ and used a cute heart stamp I had handy; on the other, I wrote out the type of tea. Then, we used some bakers twine to tie the tags to the tea bags. These particular tea bags had no strings attached but we also used tea bags that already had a tag attached; those are much easier since all you have to do is remove the old tag and attach the new one! Then, we put two different sachets of tea into each glassine bag and taped it up with some pretty polka dotted washi tape. And ta da! Cute little favours you can give away…. or instead of packaging them, just put those teabags in a jar and serve to guests at your event.