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So the advent calendar is up! Yeah, it’s ten days into December… but better late than never, right? Bonus, everyone at home got to gobble up 10 days of treats at one go once the calendar was up (read: sugar high). Overall, I am happy with the finished product. I still would like to tweak some things here and there… but alas, I’ll have to save that for next time. 

First, I made paper boxes out of card stock. I know, I should have just bought some. But stupidly, I didn’t plan ahead so there I was on a Saturday morning, needing some boxes and not wanting to take the dreaded trip downtown (into the crowded bloodbath of shoppers). Solution? Make them! Basically, I made a box, then cut them into half to make an open top.

Then, I stuck the boxes onto a handy 50X70 Ikea frame that we had lying around with tape… kind of in a haphazard fashion, I know

Then, painted the bottom of the boxes with some glitter+mod podge mixture (like the kind used in glitter shoes!). I did a few coats to get the bottoms nice and glittery but it’s also possible to do a light coat to get just that little bit of sparkle. Then, I numbered the boxes and stuck on a few festive stickers.

After that, I cut up some long strips of card stock and wrote out a few cute activities to do each day. This is surprisingly hard to do in Singapore because a lot of the activities I associate with Christmas have to do with the cold and snow and snuggling by the fire, so I kind of had to get creative on this one. Some of my favourites included: 1) give someone a kiss under our (fake) mistletoe, 2) buy yourself and a friend a christmas beverage, 3) call someone you haven’t spoke to in a while and wish them happy holidays, 4) give the pets an extra holiday treat, 5) take a drive to look at christmas lights, and more! Then, these activities got stamped with little hearts and put into their respective boxes. 

And ta da! There you have it, a DIY advent calendar. I filled the little boxes with sweets and treats (some of them in original packaging, others I put into bought and repackaged into glassing bags with little twist ties) – I probably overstuffed quite a few of them, that happens when you live in a home with 7 adults + 1 child around, you’ve got to prepare in excess!

Only 13 days to Christmas!