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Yesterday, the subway trains in Singapore went all rogue and broke down (people were stuck in the trains for hours, commuters ended up having to walk the subway tracks to get out). It was mayhem and the poor boy was stranded at the office, unable to find a way home. While waiting for him, I cooked up some polenta stacks with a black bean salsa. I stacked polenta patties with grilled zucchini & red peppers and sauteed spinach with onions and garlic. Then, topped the little towers off with some coriander pesto (garlic, cheese, coriander, olive oil in a food processor). For the black bean salsa, I combined black beans with corn, diced avocado & red pepper and a generous bunch of coriander, then sprinkled in lime juice, salt & pepper and hot sauce for some spice.

To finish, I had leftover sea salt brownies (over)baked on Tuesday. So I cut them up with some circle cutters and sandwiched some pre-bought ice cream in between. The ice cream helped to moisten out the brownies and the sea salt was a nice way to balance the sweetness.

And you know what, I was just done stacking the polenta cakes when the boy got home, super tired and frustrated from his loooonnng journey home. So thankfully, there was dinner to put a semi-smile on his face.