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On New Year’s Evie, we went out for a celebratory family dinner at The Coastal Settlement. We loved the retro, laid back vibe and atmosphere and were huge fans of the decor; the place was filled with a plethora of vintage items – scooters, chairs, windows and more! The atmosphere is pretty ideal for a night of quiet relaxing, glass of wine in hand, especially when seated outside on the breezy patio. Unfortunately for us, the food was just not quite up to par with it’s surroundings. Some dishes were better than others but overall, the meal was pretty average (and perhaps doesn’t quite justify the kind of steep prices). As for dessert, the brownie was good… but stay away from the salted caramel cheesecake – they were so heavy handed with the salt that we had to scoop all the caramel off our slice to make it edible. To give them the benefit of the doubt, it is a fairly new establishment, so they might still be working out some hiccups in the food department… perhaps we will give it a try a little further down the line.