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Exciting news: we’re off to Japan in a little more than 3 weeks! The boy and I going to be spending a few days in Tokyo first. Then, we’re meeting up with the brother and H. for some snowboarding at Shiga Kogen, then back to the city. Since we’re on a little bit of a budget, we’re going to try and plan out our days in Tokyo in advance, so if anyone has any recommendations on places to eat or visit, please send them our way!

We’re totally looking forward to snow, cooler temperatures, tons of powder, dips in the onsen and of course, lots and lots of good food (I will not pretend that I’ll actually have the willpower to adhere to my fish-only-on-weekends rule in Japan).

Are you going somewhere exciting too?

{Photos via: 1. Travelanthropist, 2. New York Times, 3. wendyrgould, 4. jackson.chu}