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Hi, lovelies.

I’d like to introduce a new feature to the blog called Weekly Inspiration – it’s going to be fairly word-free, just pictures, prints, photographs and things that I find beautiful.

How this all happened is that I’ve finally caved and jumped on the tumblr bandwagon (visit & follow me here!) – and I’m loving it for all the times I just want to share something beautiful… without having to write all about it. So with this in mind, I think Weekly Inspiration is kind of a nice way to integrate my tumblr, wordpress and pinterest – and bonus: I’ve already been wanting to do a weekly everything-from-everywhere kind of post… so, hooray!

Anyway, you can click the pictures for sources or click the links below to find out more about the photos (I’ll try my hardest to find original sources, though tumblr/pinterest doesn’t make it so easy sometimes). Enjoy!

{Images: 1. marieclaire roman| 2. eastangerine| 3. luminous lu| 4. arielle elise| 5. i can read| 6. lou o’bedlam| 7. mallady| 8. eatsleepdraw, by sunshinegarden}