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Over the weekend, I was determined not to let my previous botched attempt at macarons get me down. Honestly, those little french meringue cookies were so not winning this one. So I dove into this batch of chai macarons with full conviction… and darn, did it kinda work!

Okay, so there were still a few hiccups – the first batch was slightly overbaked but the second was adjusted for and did pretty well, the chai flavour wasn’t quite as strong as I would have liked but overall, they tasted yummy.

Look, I even made my own macaron stencil, that’s dedication! Okay, they’re not perfectly round…minor detail. Plus, I like how the little polka dotted ones look like cookies. 

This time, I made sure not to underwhip the egg whites. Those are some stiff peaks, my brother even made me hold the bowl upside down for added effect. 

They have little feet and were pretty even on top. They’re a little grainy due to the chai tea bits I threw in there (thankfully, they didn’t crack. I know, the minute I threw them in there, I was all “what am I doing?!”). Filled them up with some chocolate ganache and topped them with cocoa powder, dusted out via a easy heart stencil – perfect little valentine gifts for a special someone! The boy happily ate two at one go. 

For those who’d like a recipe, I used this David Lebovitz recipe for the macarons, but adapted them sans cocoa powder and added crushed chai tea spices. As for chocolate ganache, I usually go sans recipe, but you could try this one.

Happy baking!