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The lead up to last weekend was a flurry of birthday activity (I realized I forgot a weekly inspiration & a weekly music post… oops!). For the weekend, we took it easy with some swimming at our cousin’s pool. The zumster is the cutest swimmer (she likes playing catching, floating and humpty dumpty)… and the most persistent – she says “[brrrrr] summer [brrrr] not cold…[brrr]” with shivering lips when we try to get her out of the pool. She finally relented after promises of seeing terapins (“turtles!”). We still have birthday cake left from last week, which is nice, since a teeny slice of cake is kind of nice reward at the end of a day.

On Sunday, we went to town for a movie and brunch at Jones. I’m still iffy about the place (I still think it’s overpriced) but I’ll admit that the second trip was much better than the first. Then, we watched The Grey, which we both really liked. Liam Neeson was great, the cinematography is quite breathtaking and some of the sequences are truly amazing (the plane crash sequence, the falling through the trees). And honestly, I liked the ending, I’m not the person who needs a resolution at the end of every film – I like the ambiguity, I thought it was quite poetic.

Anyway, I hope your weekends were lovely!