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Lovelies, this week, I’m going to be posting a little about our trip to Japan in February. I’ll try to cover the different neighbourhoods we went to in Tokyo and also where we went snowboarding in Nagano.

So our second day in Tokyo (the first being consumed mostly by traveling and sleep), we took a little subway trip out to Asakusa (we were staying at a friend’s apartment, which was about 30 minutes from Asakusa). The Tokyo subway lines are strangely organized for something that looks so confusing. The lines and stops are quite clearly marked so we really didn’t run into too much trouble getting around. 

We wanted to visit Sensoji Temple, one of the more popular temples in Tokyo. It was really crowded along the Nakamise, the shopping street leading up to the temple.

Along the way, we stopped for a variety of local snack, including these sweet fritters (we tried a matcha one with red bean filling and a sweet potato one). 

The main temple is also bustling with activity. 

After some walking around the temple, we found some vendors by the side selling a variety of yummy snacks – the boy tried some chicken karaage. Then, we saw a stall adjacent to the main street leading to the temple with a huge lineup. Obviously, we scoped it out and ordered some delicious sweet potatoes in honey with sesame seeds and this little madeline like custard thing – neither of us had any clue what it was, even after eating it. 

And then somehow, after all that snacking, we still had room for a delicious lunch at a restaurant around the area. See, happy camper.