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Our first day in Tokyo, our friend S. took us to Shimokitazawa for lunch. We had lunch at a little restaurant specializing in okonomiyaki – a savoury Japanese pancake with a variety of ingredients like cabbage, egg, flour etc. S said the restaurant was famous and boy, did they have a right to be. The okonomiyaki was delicious, full of flavour and perfectly cooked (not like the undercooked ones in Singapore with the crunchy crunchy cabbage or the soggy overcooked ones). The boy got a super deluxe one with a sticky potato thing at the bottom. Yums. 

On our last day in Tokyo after snowboarding, we headed back to explore the neighbourhood. S introduced us to Angelica Bakery, famous for it’s miso pan (miso bread). We had to wait till 11am for the bread to come out of the oven but it was so worth it. It was warm, fluffy and had just the perfect hint of miso flavour. 

Later, we spent some time walking around the neighbourhood, browsing through the quirky little stores. There are so many vintage and thrift stores, antique stores and many other interesting things to see (like a store full of decals or one with curious old school toys). There are also a whole bunch of cafes with delicious looking menus (and waffllleeeess!). If you enjoy spending time in charming little neighbourhoods, then you should definitely visit!