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There are a whole range of ski/snowboard resorts in Japan and that’s totally understandably, the conditions are great and the snow is powdery. This year, we chose to go to Shiga Kogen for some snowboarding action.

Since moving to Singapore, the boy has been deprived of his usual winter wonderland and cooler climates. So you can just about guess how darn excited he was on the bus heading towards Shiga Kogen – he was estatic! We took the Alpico Express from Shinjuku to Nagano station (almost twice as long the journey as taking the shinkansen to Nagano but less than half the price!), then another bus from Nagano station to Shiga Kogen. 

We arrived in the evening and the boy headed out for a night ride while the rest of us got settled in (we stayed at Villa Ichinose, which was nice and really close to the lifts). The next morning, we suited up and headed out. 

Now, H and myself are still picking up this snowboarding thing so we spent a lot of time falling down in a variety of fashions (side tumbles, back tumbles, on our knees, on our behinds – darn, that carving stuff is hard!) and unfortunately, that meant that my brother and the boy spent a fair bit of time coaching and waiting for us. So thankfully for them, when we called it a day, they still had time to go out and carve up a storm on their own.  

Overall, we had a blast and I ached in places I didn’t even know existed. Now, I won’t tell you snowboarding is my favourite activity ever… but it seems to be getting better one step at a time (like after this trip, I am no longer terrified of ski lifts!!).

The day we left, it snowed and the hills were packed with fresh powder. You could literally see the agony on Steve and the brother’s faces having to leave with all that fresh snow on the ground. Well, we always have next year!