{1. Mark Daffey, Lonely Planet| 2. Carsten PeterNational Geographic| 3. Emanuele Nardoni, National Geographic}

The boy and I have always wanted to go to Vietnam but somehow haven’t made it there yet. When we watched the Top Gear Vietnam special episode, we were pretty much a chorus of “that should be us doing that!” (though not quite the riding on a motorbike with a colander bit). So we are putting it on the itinerary for our time in South East Asia – it’s going to happen, we don’t quite know when or how, but we are going to make it happen.

And living thisclose to it all, how can we not right? I mean, there is Halong Bay, the 3000 or more incredible islands surrounded by emerald waters, the quaint white beaches on Phu Quoc, the expansive rice fields, the ridiculously lush jungles,  the world’s largest cave (son doong) and the sprawling mountains, among other things. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

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