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Want an easy way to brighten up a room? These cute, colourful DIY paper flowers will definitely do the trick!

These were made as part of a short stop motion video we made for Steve’s mom for Mother’s Day. The best part is you can use recycled magazine or printed paper to make them! I think they would look so pretty as an alternative to fresh cut flowers for table arrangements at an eco-friendly wedding reception or party. You can also wrap them up with some twine or ribbon and give them away as a bouquet.

Here’s how they’re made:

You”ll need:

  • Paper, either recycled paper or coloured pages from a magazine (you can also use  new paper) – the thicker the paper, the harder it’ll be to make the flowers… but thicker paper also holds it shape better)
  • Scissors, regular or shredding
  • Wooden skewers/dowels (I used disposable chopsticks)
  • Floral tape
  • Double sided tape – will make the rolling of thicker paper much easier
  • Water colour paints & large paintbrush – you don’t need these if you’re using magazine paper.

If you’re using recycled or plain paper, start by painting one side of your paper with the water colour paints. I like to vary the darkness of the strokes or even use different colours, this will add more texture to the flower.

Wait for your paper to dry before continuing. If you’re using a magazine, you can start here. Tear out a coloured page from your magazine. Fold your paper, coloured side up, along the long side like an accordion – the panels don’t need to be too narrow, about 1.5 inches. 

Next, use a scissors to cut strips along your folded paper, starting from one edge of the panel to the other… but make sure not to cut all the way through (leave about 1/4” at the end). 

This next step is optional but I find it really helps to secure the flowers and makes rolling so much easier. Stick a long strip of double sided tape along uncut edge of the panel. 

Place your skewer/dowel on one side of the paper and start to roll the paper tightly around the dowel. This part can get a little tricky, so try to keep a steady hand and try to wind the paper as tight as you can.

Once you’ve wound all your paper around your dowel, you can start to secure it using floral tape. If you didn’t use the double sided tape, you might want to use some tape or glue to secure the ends before starting with the floral tape. Wrap the floral tape around the base of the flower and slowly move down towards the dowel. You want to try your best to achieve a “cone shape” from base of flower to dowel – I know, this is easier said than done… but it does get easier with a little practice.

Once you’re satisfied with how your floral tape looks, start fluffing your flower by pulling down on the strips and teasing them.  

And you’re done! Feel free to try out papers with different thickness and textures and if you do, I’d love to hear how it turns out!