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Twentyseven today.

Twentysix will always be the year of big events (getting hitched, moving in) and decisions – deciding to let go of the options that makes me feel safe (but hold me back invariably), deciding not to let my pride get the better of me (dropout does not define me), deciding to learn new things (and being constantly frustrated with this learning curve), and really deciding to take the time to figure out how to do the things that make me happy (because really, if now’s not the time, then when will be?).

I don’t quite know what twentyseven will hold, the boy and I haven’t quite made any big plans yet – for now, we are taking it as it goes, one day at a time… and maybe life will surprise us a little, keep us on our toes – you never know, right? But right now, I will save twentyseven for the little things – learning to celebrate the every day, the tiny triumphs, the small moments, the details that are easy to miss. And of course, like always, learning to embrace change – the (sometimes intense) discomfort that come with it,  the tiny voices of fear and doubt, the exhilaration of doing something new and the knowing that if all else fails, I will find a way to make peace.

{photo by Amanda Pham}