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Here are some snippets from our recent trip to Krabi, Thailand. To sum it all up, we’re utterly smitten with this paradise and can’t wait to go back for more adventures.

We stayed on Railay, an ‘island’ peninsula of sorts – the only way out there is by boat since land entry is blocked by towering limestone cliffs, making it a little more secluded than other areas in Krabi (say Ao Nang). We also went during low season (may – october) so prices were cheap and it was much less crowded than peak season – which was pretty ideal for us, I don’t we would have had it any other way. Given that it was rainy season, we were a little worried about the weather… but it turns out we only ever experienced passing showers (and once, a passing thunderstorm!) and it was kind of nice that parts of the day were sometimes cool instead of blisteringly hot. So maybe it was our luck that the weather turned out great, though a local did tell us that the rain usually came in the nights (also, most of the boatmen have the most uncanny ability to tell how long a storm will last!).

The first two days we just kind of chilled out, walking around the peninsula (it’ll take you about 3 minutes to walk from east Railay to west Railay and less than 5 minutes to walk to Pranang), getting our day trips sorted, hanging out in the late afternoons at our favourite spot on Pranang Beach (known as the best beach on Railay), where we would switch between bouldering or swimming in the saltwater and watching the sunset. We also did some rock climbing at Diamond Rock – our guide was the fastest climber we’ve ever met, he’s won a whole host of speed climbing competitions and is also hilarious to boot.

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