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On our third day in Krabi, we enjoyed a somewhat leisurely morning, followed by a late morning kayak trip. We rented a kayak off a shop on West Railay and paddled around the caves and islands in the vicinity of Railay. Kayaking in a cave is quite the thrill, given the tight corners,narrow passages and the often low ceilings (our heads were just about brushing the ceiling when the tide rose). The sun was out full time, so we pulled our kayak up on the tiniest patch of sand on one of islets for a little bit of shaded break. Also, hilarious fact: a pretty good test of any relationship, get yourselves out on a double kayak in open water – thankfully, over the years, we’ve perfected the double kayak and curbing the “you’re not steering this thing properly!” or “are you having a break again?!” remarks. Plus, it’s hard to get annoyed when you’re surrounded by the beauty that is Krabi.

After 1.5 hours of kayaking, we were wiped and really needed an afternoon nap. But since we were booked on a 3pm sunset trip, we got it together and took off on a boat for some snorkeling and sunset adventures. The snorkeling wasn’t the best we’ve done – for that, I’d go back to Perhentian or Koh Samui (or word is, the snorkeling off Koh Lanta is pretty darn spectacular) but given it was rainy season and the visibility wasn’t that great, we still saw plenty of fishes (even big parrot fish in the reefs). A note: since it is wet season, there will be more jellyfish in the water, most of them won’t do too much damage and you can spot the big ones easily in the water so just steer clear of them. To cap off the night, we got to see phosphorescent plankton in the water after sunset – they light up with movement in the dark. If you jump into the water, your limbs kind of “glow” as you swim. Overall, we had a good time but if you’re short on time in Krabi, I’d say go deep water soloing (most of the trips have a little snorkeling in them too) instead.

For more on Krabi, see part I. Tomorrow, deep water solo!