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our last full day in Krabi, we took a day trip out to sea with Hot Rock Climbing School to try some deep water solo – which is essentially free solo climbing where your exit is essentially into the deep water below you. We went out on a sailboat in the morning and our guide took us out to two different sites. The climbing was good and really fun; the cliff jumping was… well, terrifying and exhilarating at the same time, but mostly terrifying. I was stranded about 10m above the water for 20 minutes contemplating the jump, which was my mistake because the longer you spend thinking about it, the less you want to jump (I did, eventually). Steve and the other guys out with us were rock stars, jumping from highs of 15-20m. It was definitely an experience we’re both happy we had and we’re kind of hoping for some deep water soloing in the Bruce Peninsula when we head back to Canada in August.

We ended the trip with a short snorkel off Chicken Island, then a slow sail back to Railay, high off the adrenaline and saltwater, basking in the sun – kind of the perfect way to end an amazing day. If you’re ever in Krabi, we’d definitely recommend trying this, you won’t regret it.

Overall, Krabi was a dream – if you’re into climbing, the sea, breathtaking views and adventure as much as we are, you’ll fall in love quick. We can’t wait to go back already.

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