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{meepok| prep for dumplings| rice dumplings| Oreo} 

I don’t have much to show for this weekend – sometimes it’s difficult to be inspired to take photos of everyday things or weekends we spend at home doing pretty much nothing (or maybe hooked up to the ps3 playing ghost recon, just saying). We ate well this weekend – weekend hawker fix, nasi padang and homemade rice dumplings. Rice dumplings are a yearly treat and are usually filled with meat but just like last year, my mum made special vegetarian nyonya dumplings just for me (thanks ma!). Also, two movies. The boy and I watched Snow White & the Hunstman on Friday (it had its moments… though the acting/overacting leaves much to be desired), then 50/50 last night. The latter is funny, honest and most of all, deeply affecting (but thankfully, not in a hits-you-over-the-head/melodramatic kind of way but more in a quiet, sneaking fashion) – JGL is definitely proving to be one of the most natural and nuanced actors out there. You should definitely watch it if you get a chance.