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On Saturday, we spent the day lazing around, going down to Holland Village to pick up a new chest harness for Oreo and of course, delicious cupcakes from Plain Vanilla – which is now officially our fave cupcake store after home baked cupcakes. H made us delicious thunder tea rice for dinner – so healthy but so much work! We started Sunday early with some outdoor climbing at Dairy Farm. The weather was perfect – not too sunny and super breezing – which is always a plus when tackling challenging outdoor routes (my body is majorly sore today). We also capped off the weekend by watch both Alien & Aliens – I hadn’t watched the films before and Steve was all too thrilled that I was expressing interest in watching them.. and also, he really wanted to point out the plot holes & inconsistencies in Prometheus. Thankfully, no nightmares.. but I did have plenty of weird dreams. Awesome weekend!