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This weekend was filled with pretty amazing, spontaneous things. We had a little date dinner at Senor Taco at Chijmes – the food was pretty good and the atmosphere was lovely. Saturday was lazy – we slept in, had an easy lunch at Oriole and walked around town and came home for some home-cooked dinner. Then, we went out with the brother, A and the zumster for an impulsive trip to Brunetti – where the desserts are aplenty and delicious (believe or not, the brother and A said that on their recent visit, the Melbourne branch had about 5x the variety). Sunday, we woke up early for a morning climb at Onsight, followed by some spontaneous afternoon swimming at our friends’ condo. Then, even though we were well beyond tired, we had tickets to see the Amazing Spiderman and so off we went (we really enjoyed it!). It goes without saying that we slept like babies  last night.

p/s As you can tell from the photos, I just inherited my brother’s old phone and as such, have finally jumped on the instagram bandwagon (and am still trying to figure it out). You can follow me at @sheralynt or online here!