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Steve and I both feel it was particularly bittersweet to be back in Toronto. There are things we miss dearly about this city, places full of memories and stories we reminisce about, friends we wish we could see more often… but then again, they are things that we don’t miss (at all). So we tried our best to squeeze in the things we love: Marben, Konnichiwa, Delight, Dark Horse, Aunties & Uncles, Terroni,  Kensington, Toronto Island and most of all, hanging out with friends (a shout out to Y & P who were nice enough to put us up and are the masters of organizing epic grilled cheese nights and spontaneous picnics). Also, they introduced us to a few little city treasures we’ve never been to before, like the Maple Leaf Garden Loblaws (best grocery store ever: center ice in aisle 25 and an epic cheese wall), Don Don Izakaya (drums and yums) and best of all, Riverdale East, complete with an amazing city skyline at sunset. It was a blast, Toronto.

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