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While we were in Canada, we hosted a little backyard soiree at Steve’s parent’s home to celebrate the summer (and of course, the Tracy children’s homecoming!). We had an awesome time catching up with our friends and family who joined us for the party – we ate good food, relished the good conversation and company, enjoyed beautiful weather, played a few games of extreme ladderball and capped it off with some good ol’ relaxing in front of the fire in the evening.

The family chipped in to make a huge variety of food & sweets; S made some delicious hors d’oeuvres and laid out a master spread for a drinks buffet and we served an easy bbq spread of chicken and salmon, along with black bean patties and a potato, a green & a quinoa salad. We even laid out a little “goodies tray” for the evening by the fire, including popcorn and stuff to make smores.

S and I spent the afternoon the day before making tissue poms in various sizes for decorations. She also made the cutest flower drink stirrers for the drinks buffet. Steve laid out the lights and we strung ribbon between them and then hung the poms. They were so pretty in the wind and in the twinkle of the night (Steve’s parents also said later they noticed the wind would sometimes hit the ribbons and make harp-like sounds… isn’t that amazing?). Steve also refashioned our wedding signs into hanging signs for the party!

It was a fantastic day! And with our summer wedding party the year before and this backyard soiree this year, we are thinking a summer celebration could well become an annual event. And that would be kind of spectacular, wouldn’t it?

{Photographs 2, 8 & 9 taken by Jen!}